A Review of Gabriela and The Widow–audio version

Dante Mueller reviewed Gabriela and The Widow

An Inspired Novel; Reader Gives Light to Its Multiple Layers April 18, 2017

This is an inspired novel, and Annette Romano, the reader, gives light to its many layers. I recommend savoring the audio in short sections, for the dying widow’s recitation of her refulgent life to nineteen-year-old Gabriela is so rich in detail and connotation that her diurnal pacing recommends an optimal listening experience. “I’m speaking in metaphors, child. One of these days you’ll learn the subtleties of masked discourse when you say one thing and mean another. The French insist that to be an educated and cultured person you must master the art of never saying what you mean.” “Gabriela and the Widow” is that rare work of literary fiction that wills the reader to return yet again for a deeper insight into La Viuda’s soul, immortalized by its author’s inestimable imagination and fired by his lyrical prose.